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OPA Multi-Pan 28 Non-Stick

OPA Multi-Pan 28 Non-Stick

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Brand:  Opa Kitchen

Opa Multipan has hundreds of uses. It can cook seven perfect eggs, blinis or burgers at one go. Due to the double non-stick coating, only a small amount of oil is required or if you are making burgers, none at all. To make your breakfast a little more special, try this; MINI OMELETTES. Whisk four medium eggs, add salt and black pepper. For a filling you can use for example smoked salmon, grated cheese or ham. Put the Multipan on medium heat and when warm, add a small amount of egg to each mould. Add your filling on top of the egg and pour rest of the whisked egg on top. Cook for around 5 minutes or when the top of the omelette is starting to firm up. If you keep the pan on medium heat, there is no need to turn the omelettes over. ENJOY!

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