What is Muurikka ?

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A Finnish Classic - The Muurikka Griddle

Muurikka has become a generic name for outdoor cooking in Scandinavia.

The one and only original Muurikka griddle pan was developed by the Muurikka founders in the 1970s.
The story began with an idea to expand the diameter of a cauldron in order to increase the frying area.
After further refinement of the idea, the first Muurikka griddle pan was born, fashioned from the inspection hatch of a steel container.
A new word was thus coined for the Finnish vernacular and a future legend had arrived. Today, Muurikka griddle pans of all different sizes are still manufactured in Finland, with hundreds of thousands sold to date.

Muurikka - for unforgettable moments

The Muurikka griddle pan is a legend in Scandinavia, many sausages and pancakes have been roasted and prepared during the light summer nights. Nowadays Muurikka offers a large range of pans, accessories and utensils for outdoor and indoor cooking. Our Summer Kitchen concept is an individually supplemented, versatile cooking centre with which you can cook almost anything in the garden or on the terrace. Also there Muurikka’s basic idea is in the background: people gathering together naturally to have a good time and experience unforgettable moments with good food and cooking.

Muurikka - Now available online & Amazon

Muurikka products are widely available in retail shops around Scandinavia and now we have extended the availability throughout the world with online shopping.
Easy to order and large stocks will get you cooking in no time. We have dedicated websites throughout the Europe in your own language and our products are also available through Amazon Europe.

When you get your Muurikka, you can expect unforgettable moments with good food for years to come. The quality of our products is unbeatable.
We have been using our Muurikka pan for over 25 years now and it is still going strong.
Every time we get our Muurikka burner and pan out, people gather around and want to try it. The range of recipes and great tasting cooking you can achieve with these products is brilliant.
The best recommendation however comes from the thousands of happy customers... Join the experience, try yourself !