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Mehu-Liisa 11 L Steam Juice Extractor

Mehu-Liisa 11 L Steam Juice Extractor



Brand:  Opa Kitchen

Mehu Liisa Juice Extractor Spare Hose & ClampMehu Liisa Juice Extractor Spare Hose & Clamp
Rubber bottle top 10 packRubber bottle top 10 pack

The original and best Mehu-Liisa steam juicer has been in production for 40 years with the first ones still in use.

All the other steam juicers are based on the design of this original product.

It is an effective, multi-use steam juice extractor, food press and steamer of berries, fruit and vegetables.

Mehu Liisa can also be used for everyday cooking and steaming of vegetables, poultry and meat. The three parts of the steam juicer are made of Stainless steel and fit tightly together.

Spacious 11 Litre (19.3 Pints) steamer pot is designed so that the extracted juice does not mix with the water used for steaming. A thick base on the water pan secures steady and effective energy use and allows the hob to be turned to lower heat which in turn makes more juice out of the fruit.

The lid of Mehu-Liisa fits to the water pan, so you can use the pan separately like a normal saucepan. This saucepan can also be put into the oven.

Machine washable with 10 year manufacturers guarantee on all steel parts. The lid of this steam juicer is Stainless steel instead of glass ensuring the long service life of the product.

For more information, search the Internet for Mehu-Liisa and you will find thousands of pictures, user testimonials and recipes for this high quality steam juicer.

Manuals, recipes and more information can also be found from

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