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Muurikka 48 Griddle Pan Set with Gas Burner

Muurikka 48 Griddle Pan Set with Gas Burner



Brand:  Muurikka

Made in Finland, this Muurikka 48 Griddle Pan Set comes with a flame adjustable 30cm gas burner, a stainless steel windshield, long steel legs for a cooking height of 70cm, a 48cm griddle pan (no legs) and its protective bag and a tube of Silava for cooking and maintenance.

The slightly convex design of the griddle pan allows juices to stay in the pan centre to keep the food beautifully succulent and, because of its sturdy and generous size,  you can comfortably prepare dishes ranging from appetizers to desserts for up to 8 people.

This set is very portable with a total weight of 11kg and is great for camping, days out or just relaxing in your garden and the legs can be easily removed for storage.

The gas burner can be used with Butane or Propane and has a maximum power of 6.5kW.

A similar item is available in the larger 58 cm size.


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